Add eBooks and Courseware to Your Course via the LMS

VitalSource Launch offers an Instructor Adoption Tool that allows instructors to add available eBooks and courseware to a course, all without leaving the LMS.

 Note: to get started using this feature, contact your Success Manager.

 Once the tool has been enabled, complete the following steps to add materials to your courses:

  1. Login to the LMS and navigate to Launch.
  2. Click My Courses Home.
  3. Click on the Manage Materials dropdown, then Add Materials.
  4. Search for your materials by title, author or ISBN.
  5. From the card of the resource you want to add, click Add Materials. Your content will be added to a cart.
  6. Continue searching for additional materials with the same process. When done, click Review & Submit.
  7. Review your choices, then click Add to Course.
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