Video: Logging in to Manage and Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

Video: Log in to Manage and Set up Two-Factor Authentication

Below is a video as well as written instructions on logging in to VitalSource Manage and setting up two-factor authentication. For additional information, please visit our Two-Factor Authentication for Manage page on

Creating a VitalSource Manage Account:

To access the VitalSource Manage platform you first need a user account. Your onboarding manager or the Publisher Operations team will create a user account for you.

When your user account is created you will receive an email from Check your spam folder if you don't see the email.


Choose a Secure Password

Click on the password link in your email. Set your password to be at least 16 characters and one that meets our strong password guidelines. if your password doesn't have enough characters or is not strong enough, the password button will be grayed out. do not use the words VitalSource or password as part of your password. Do not use common phrases.


Typically, if your password isn't strong enough you will see an “almost there” message. Try adding a word to get your password strong enough. Sometimes simply capitalizing a word or adding a special character is not enough to get your password strong enough.

Two-Factor Authorization

Once your password is set you will be asked to log in with your username and password. After logging in you will be asked to set up the two-factor authentication. Our support page has a user guide for setting up two-factor Authentication. The user guide can be found at and the guide you'll look for is Two-Factor Authentication for Manage.


Do not type the long string of characters into box number two; you must either scan the code with your phone using your two-factor app or you can type in the long string of characters into your two Factor app.


After you've either scanned the code or typed in the characters into your app, your app will deliver a six-digit code that is timed every 30 seconds to disappear and display a new code. Type the six-digit code that displays into box number two and click enable.



After clicking enable you will be taken to your account settings page, and you will officially be logged into the VitalSource Management platform where you can begin working on your metadata file and uploading your content.


One of the first things you will do to get your content onto the vital Source platform is fill out the metadata template. the metadata template can be downloaded by going into the vital Source management you'll want to navigate to the top left corner and click the menu icon. when the menu icon drops down click upload files and metadata.


VitalSource Upload

The very first time you log in to the vital Source Upload platform you will be asked to log in again with the same username and password that you already set up with vital Source Manage.

Simply use your username and password and log in.

After logging in open your app and type in the six-digit code and click submit.



You will be taken into VitalSource Upload.


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