Using and Sharing Bookshelf® Notes and Highlights

Bookshelf provides premier study tools in an effort to give users the best reading experience possible. Notes and highlights are often used as a best practice when reading and reviewing, so we have created intuitive tools allowing for collaboration. Learning is a social experience, and often, so is studying.

Add a Highlight

Select text within one of your titles. A menu will appear showing your highlighters with sharing icons on your public highlighters. Pick your desired marker by clicking on the color bubble of choice. Your highlight will then appear.


Delete a Highlight

Click on the highlight and click the x.


Create and Edit Highlighters

You can access your highlighters in two places:

  • In the Workbook workbook_icon.pngwithin your etext
  • From the Tools tools_bookshelf.png dropdown menu in your Bookshelf library

There are several default highlighters available. To create custom highlighters:

  1. Access your existing highlighters by clicking on the Workbook icon or via the Tools dropdown menu in your Bookshelf library.
  2. Click the plus plus_icon_highlighters_bookshelf.png icon. 
  3. Click Add New Highlighter.
  4. Choose whether your highlighter is public or private. When checked as public, anyone who is following you will be able to see highlights created with that marker. Use this feature to start creating a collaborative study guide!


  1. A new color will default populate with the color name. To pick your own name, type in the preferred name in the text box and click Save.

To delete a highlighter, click Remove. From there, you can choose to permanently delete the highlighter or merge it with another marker.


Add a Note

Select text within one of your titles and click Add Note in the menu that appears. Your note will appear within the margin next to the text that it's referencing. To save the note, click the checkmark, or click away from the box. 


 To edit your note, navigate back to it and click on the box.

To access all of your notes, click the Workbook icon. All of your highlights with notes will appear in the Annotations tab.

Public Highlighter Sharing Options 

You can manage highlighter sharing options in two places:

  • The Tools dropdown in the Library.
  • The Reader Preferences menu.

From within the Reader Preferences menu, click Sharing.bookshelf_reader_preferences.png

To share your public highlights with others, click Copy share link, then send it to others via email or message.

To follow someone else's highlights, click Enter email, enter the recipient's email, and click Follow.

To allow others to follow your public notes and highlights, copy your unique link in the My Followers tab. Should you wish to remove someone from your followers, you can block them at any time.





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