Bookshelf CoachMe® Overview for Instructors

Bookshelf CoachMe® Overview for Instructors

Looking for a way to ensure students bring their A-game to class? Bookshelf CoachMe®, a new feature in Bookshelf®, provides free embedded practice in a low-stakes, confidence-boosting environment. Students answer in-text practice questions while they read and at the end of the chapter for an all-in-one place study experience. No cheating here! This learn-by-doing approach improves the overall study experience by reinforcing what they already know so they can focus on what they need to learn.

The best part for instructors? There’s nothing additional for you to do to get up and running! Since you’re teaching from an etext powered by Bookshelf, the questions appear automatically. You also gain valuable insight into how your students interact with the questions.  

Practice Questions 

To locate the practice questions, navigate to Bookshelf via the course in the LMS. As students read, any available practice questions will appear both in the margin and in the bottom right of the reader. Click on either the margin icon or Practice Questions pane to view and answer the questions.   


Navigate and Answer Questions 

The available practice questions will appear in the margin as you read and at the end of chapters. Feedback on answers will appear on-screen, as will additional options to try the question again.   

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Scroll through to preview the questions using the arrow or by clicking on the question number. 


Practice question types include multiple-choice, text entry, pulldown, text box, word bank, and self-graded submit and compare.  

Analytics and Performance 

For a better understanding of how your students interact with their text, Instructor Analytics are available (based on your LMS integration with VitalSource). Included with the new Bookshelf CoachMe feature are additional analytics tools, Student Engagement, and Gradebook.

Navigate to instructor analytics/performance and Reader Preferences 

Not sure if a title features CoachMe questions? Check Reader Preferences! 

  1. From within a textbook, click the Reader Preferences icon.  
  2. If CoachMe is an option, the etext has the feature. 



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