Bookshelf CoachMe® Feature Overview for Students

Bookshelf CoachMe® Feature Overview for Students

Imagine having a free study coach whenever you need it. Bookshelf CoachMe provides ungraded practice questions and knowledge checks right in your Bookshelf® etext. These in-text questions help you prepare and practice all in one place. This learn-by-doing approach based on learning science can improve your study experience by showing you what you already know, so you can focus on what you need to learn.

Locate the Practice Questions and Knowledge Checks  

To find the practice questions and knowledge checks, navigate to Bookshelf via the course in your Learning Management System. As you read, practice questions will appear both in the margin and in the bottom right of the reader. Click on either the margin icon(s) or Practice Questions pane to view and answer the questions.  

Practice questions appear throughout the chapters as you read, while the knowledge checks are at the end of the chapter or unit. Each set of questions is identified in the margin with different icons: 

  • Knowledge Checks
  • Practice Questions

Navigate and Answer Questions 

Practice questions will appear in the margin as you read and knowledge checks will show up at the end of each chapter. Answer each question, then click Check Answer to submit. Feedback on your answer will appear on screen, as will options to try the question again.   

You can scroll through to preview the questions using the arrow or by clicking on the question number.

Practice question types include multiple-choice, text entry, pulldown, text box, word bank, and self-graded submit and compare.  

Reader Preferences 

Not sure if a title features Bookshelf CoachMe questions? Check Reader Preferences! 

  1. From within a textbook, click the Reader Preferences icon.  
  2. If CoachMe is an option, the etext has the feature. 

With Bookshelf CoachMe, you can test your knowledge while you read and study, ensuring you show up to class confident and prepared for what’s next.  

Bookshelf CoachMe Progress

With the introduction of CoachMe progress, you will have insight into all CoachMe questions available in your eTextbook, visibility into question completeness and a quick and easy way to navigate to questions for additional practice.  

Measure Your Progress

Once you have launched a CoachMe enabled book in Bookshelf Online via your browser, click the More Options menu, or 3-dot icon, along the top navigation bar and then CoachMe.  

A progress overview panel will open, displaying a chapter or section overview for CoachMe questions and their completion status. Click a chapter or section to open a detailed view of question progress. 

On the progress detail panel, you will see all available CoachMe questions in the chapter, completion status and correctness. Questions will be identified by a question icon and organized by group. To navigate to a particular question, click on the question icon. You can also click on a group to navigate to the first question in the group.  

Once you click the question or question group, the question panel will open. You can answer questions and navigate through the questions by clicking the question number or using the navigation arrow in the panel. From the question panel, you can easily toggle between your questions and progress detail panel by clicking Question Progress.  

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