Rush Readiness Best Practices - Spring

In preparation for upcoming Spring starts, there's no better time than now to ensure your content is ready for learners.

Below are some useful reminders to help you prepare for a successful Spring Rush: 

  • All your content should be available through VitalSource’s inventory.
  • Be sure to include all ISBNs to improve adoptability.
  • Spring pricing should now be in place and adoptions can be based on those prices.
  • Ensure distribution rights are assigned in situations where a school has requested content that is not available nationally. 
  • To ensure users can access your content through term starts, do not set items to go off sale between 1/1-2/25. Otherwise, users could be impacted negatively. 
  • If your content utilizes access codes, it is imperative to overstock access code banks to ensure VitalSource can provide users with a seamless experience. To avoid issues, we recommend adding 20% more access codes than forecasted sales.
    • Note: Unused access codes remain in your publisher-specific bank to be used in future terms. 
  • Review weekly adoption email reports to identify any actions you need to take to ensure your content is adoptable.

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