Pearson Partner Integration

Pearson Partner Integration

LTI 1.3 Partner Integration Featureset:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) provides a frictionless delivery & access experience for students via VitalSource Launch.
  • Deeplink proxying enables direct access to specific assignments and locations within your platform via the VitalSource LTI tool.
  • Assignments & Grades Proxy Service replaces the Basic Outcomes service from previous LTI versions and removes the strict one-to-one relationship between a resource link and a line item.
  • A full glossary of common terms can be found on our Partner Integration (PI) Glossary page.

Faculty Sign-Up Process:

Course Creation Process:

Course Copy Process: 

Creating Deep Links:

  • VST Tool: To create deeplinks within your course to specific locations within the courseware, you can use the VitalSource LTI deeplinking tool which your LMS admin has installed.

Support and Escalations:

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