Macmillan Partner Integration

Macmillan Partner Integration

LTI 1.3 Partner Integration Featureset:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) provides a frictionless delivery & access experience for students via VitalSource Launch.
  • Deeplink proxying enables direct access to specific assignments and locations within your platform via the VitalSource LTI tool.
  • Assignments & Grades Proxy Service replaces the Basic Outcomes service from previous LTI versions and removes the strict one-to-one relationship between a resource link and a line item.
  • A full glossary of common terms can be found on our Partner Integration (PI) Glossary page.

Faculty Sign-Up Process with an Achieve Courseware Product: 

You'll need to receive a sample course with Achieve from your Macmillan rep to use a Macmillan's Achieve product.

To build a new Achieve course, please refer to Macmillan's guide Macmillan Learning Support. For support, please contact your Macmillan rep.

Setting up your Canvas Course with Achieve through a Partner Integration Delivery:

To create your Canvas course with Achieve, please ensure the following:

Submit your course materials to your Bookstore Manager or, if applicable, through Verba Connect.
Have an active Achieve course.
Ensure your Canvas course is active and ready to be set up.

Once you have confirmed the above, please note the following important change: For courses using partner integration delivery for the first time, you must create a new course in Canvas and use the VitalSource LTI tool instead of the Macmillan LTI tool.

Please be aware that the VitalSource LTI tool may be listed under a different name depending on your school. To confirm the exact name, please contact your bookstore manager.

Course Creation Process:

  • Create a Course through the VitalSource Course Dashboard: You will be able to create a brand-new course when launching through the VitalSource Course Dashboard. Simply click the “Launch Courseware” button to get started.
    • More guidance on navigating the VitalSource Course Dashboard can be found on the Access Partner Integrated Courseware from the LMS page.
    • The Launch Courseware button will redirect you to the Achieve site. From there, select ‘Connect with Achieve’ and then search and associate your course to pair in Achieve.
    • Your Achieve course is now integrated with your Canvas course.

For assistance with VitalSource Course Dashboard, please reach out to your Bookstore manager.

For assistance with integrating your Achieve course, please reach out to your Macmillan rep or watch Macmillan’s instruction video here. 

Creating Deep Links:

  • VST Tool: To create deep links within your course to link to specific locations within Achieve, you need to use the VitalSource LTI deep linking tool that your LMS admin has installed. As previously mentioned, if you were using the Macmillan LTI tool, you should discontinue its use. Instead, switch to the VitalSource LTI tool for new courses.
  • More guidance on this process can be found on the Implement the Deeplinking Tool in the LMS for Courseware Integrations page. You may need to discuss this tool’s location within your LMS with your administrator.
  • Once you have located the VitalSource LTI deep linking tool, select the tool. You will be redirected to a new space with your course materials. From there, select ‘Open Publisher Tool’.
  • You will be redirected to the Macmillan instance with the TOC tools. Please note that with the new VitalSource LTI 1.3 tool, only gradable content can be deployed, and general links (Achieve Home, achieve eBooks) can also be deployed. Once you have selected the content, please select ‘Deploy Selected Content’.
  • The content will now appear in your Canvas course, and you can now publish them all under your Modules.
  • For assistance with integrating your Achieve course, please reach out to your Macmillan rep or watch Macmillan’s instruction video "Integrating VitalSource's 1.3 Integration Tool."

Support and Escalations:

  • VitalSource Support: If you need support for the VitalSource tooling, please reach out to support on our Support site.
  • Publisher Support: If you believe you’re in need of support with your Achieve course, please reach out to the Macmillan support team.

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